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Bug 5156 - Update for Hebrew language (he)
Update for Hebrew language (he)
Product: MediaWiki
Classification: Unclassified
Internationalization (Other open bugs)
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: Normal enhancement with 1 vote (vote)
: ---
Assigned To: Nobody - You can work on this!
: patch, patch-reviewed
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Reported: 2006-03-03 21:02 UTC by Rotem Liss
Modified: 2010-05-15 14:36 UTC (History)
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LanguageHe.php Patch (1.40 KB, patch)
2006-03-03 21:03 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php Patch (151.03 KB, patch)
2006-03-03 21:04 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php Patch v2 (151.08 KB, patch)
2006-03-04 09:11 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php Patch v3 (151.08 KB, patch)
2006-03-09 15:48 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php Patch v4 (151.19 KB, patch)
2006-03-09 15:58 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php Patch v5 (152.59 KB, patch)
2006-03-25 19:39 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php Patch v6 (152.87 KB, patch)
2006-03-26 14:29 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php Patch v7 (152.86 KB, patch)
2006-03-26 15:28 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php Patch v8 (152.85 KB, patch)
2006-03-26 17:55 UTC, Rotem Liss
LanguageHe.php Patch v2 (1.68 KB, patch)
2006-03-26 18:10 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php Patch v9 (152.83 KB, patch)
2006-03-26 18:19 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php Patch v10 (152.82 KB, patch)
2006-03-26 18:22 UTC, Rotem Liss
LanguageHe.php Patch REL1_5 - work in progress (149.41 KB, patch)
2006-03-26 19:09 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php New Patch (153.11 KB, patch)
2006-03-27 14:49 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php New Patch v2 (736 bytes, patch)
2006-03-27 15:41 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php Additional fix (2.15 KB, patch)
2006-03-28 09:39 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php Additional fix v2 (2.55 KB, patch)
2006-03-28 10:08 UTC, Rotem Liss
MessagesHe.php Additional fix v3 (3.00 KB, patch)
2006-03-28 10:31 UTC, Rotem Liss
LanguageHe.php Patch REL1_5 (completed) (149.84 KB, patch)
2006-03-28 10:42 UTC, Rotem Liss
LanguageHe.php Patch REL1_5 (completed) v2 (150.29 KB, patch)
2006-03-28 11:08 UTC, Rotem Liss
LanguageHe.php Patch REL1_5 (completed) v3 (150.30 KB, patch)
2006-03-28 11:34 UTC, Rotem Liss

Description Rotem Liss 2006-03-03 21:02:50 UTC
I've worked on updating the Hebrew files: LanguageHe.php and MessagesHe.php.
Please update them.

The file is completely generic - there are no references to "Wikipedia"
(ויקיפדיה), but to {{SITENAME}}, if needed. Please fix also Bug #5069, although
it is not urgently needed.
Comment 1 Rotem Liss 2006-03-03 21:03:53 UTC
Created attachment 1428 [details]
LanguageHe.php Patch
Comment 2 Rotem Liss 2006-03-03 21:04:58 UTC
Created attachment 1429 [details]
MessagesHe.php Patch
Comment 3 Rotem Liss 2006-03-04 09:11:08 UTC
Created attachment 1430 [details]
MessagesHe.php Patch v2

Update due to Bug #4855.
Comment 4 Rob Church 2006-03-04 16:51:00 UTC
Er, this was unassigned? When the patch creator was the one it was assigned to?
Something not right there.
Comment 5 Rotem Liss 2006-03-04 17:02:36 UTC
(In reply to comment #4)
> Er, this was unassigned? When the patch creator was the one it was assigned to?
> Something not right there.

It was assigned to me, because I thought that if I created the patch, it should
be assigned to me. changed it back to unassigned. What's
wrong here?
Comment 6 Rob Church 2006-03-04 17:41:10 UTC
The fact it was unassigned.
Comment 7 Rotem Liss 2006-03-04 17:52:29 UTC
(In reply to comment #6)
> The fact it was unassigned.

Do you mean, the fact it was NEW although I've written myself in the field
"Assigned To" when entering the bug?

Anyway, can someone update the files?
Comment 8 Melancholie 2006-03-06 02:35:09 UTC
@Rob: It was assigned! Rotem Liss assigned the bug to her-/himself. But I thought 
"ASSIGNED: '..assigned to the proper person..'" means a developer/programmer who is 
capable of updating this files, so I changed the bug to NEW, because exactly that is 
the status of the bug, isn't it?
Comment 9 Rob Church 2006-03-06 03:20:08 UTC
...which is entirely the problem. It was assigned to someone and you unassigned
it. Assigning bugs helps avoid duplicating effort.
Comment 10 Melancholie 2006-03-06 03:55:14 UTC
Which ones effort? So this bug should be assigned to Rotem Liss, a user who isn't a 
developer, as far as I see? I'm very sorry for being troublesome in respect of this 
bug, but actually I thought I would help you all with correcting the status, as this 
bug had seemed to not have been viewed by an programmer before I have made this 
Comment 11 Rotem Liss 2006-03-06 13:53:47 UTC
Anyway, there are two patches. Could someone check them in?
Comment 12 Rotem Liss 2006-03-09 15:48:02 UTC
Created attachment 1447 [details]
MessagesHe.php Patch v3

Fixing "march" and "mar" translation (better מרס than מרץ), and
"restorelink1" translation (when adding to "thisisdeleted" or "viewdeleted",
the Hebrew grammar is not correct).

Please check the patches in.
Comment 13 Rotem Liss 2006-03-09 15:58:10 UTC
Created attachment 1448 [details]
MessagesHe.php Patch v4

I haven't translated the part "Delete conflict"; now translated.
Comment 14 Rotem Liss 2006-03-10 17:28:43 UTC
CCing Brion Vibber, sorry but we need this bug fixed.

By the way, if you still hasn't review the huge MessagesHe.php, please check in
LanguageHe.php, which is much less changed.

Thanks a lot.
Comment 15 Rotem Liss 2006-03-25 19:39:43 UTC
Created attachment 1462 [details]
MessagesHe.php Patch v5

Update due to updates in Messages.php, and some other fixes of the obsolete
patches. Could someone please check the both patches in?

By the way, I will soon create an update also for REL 1.5, for if there will be
an 1.5.8 release, it will be well-translated, and we (the external installers
of MediaWiki) won't have to wait to MediaWiki 1.6 for an updated translation.
(The current translation is now not updated about 1.5 years, and is not updated
for Monobook, etc.)
Comment 16 Rotem Liss 2006-03-26 14:29:02 UTC
Created attachment 1464 [details]
MessagesHe.php Patch v6

Some updates for the translation - adding the new links in the default Home
Page (added recently in revision 1.33 of Messages.php), and several fixes I've
Comment 17 Rotem Liss 2006-03-26 15:28:36 UTC
Created attachment 1465 [details]
MessagesHe.php Patch v7

A little fix in "randompage": דף אקראי (read: random page) instead of
דף תוכן אקראי (read: random content page) - shorter, and same to the
English translation.
Comment 18 Rotem Liss 2006-03-26 17:55:08 UTC
Created attachment 1468 [details]
MessagesHe.php Patch v8

A little fix in "contribslink": תרומות המשתמש (read: user
contributions) was the old value, which already was in the old file; but the
value תרומות (read: contributions or contribs) is shorter (which is
needed, because it appears many times nowadays), and matches to the English
value (contribs).
Comment 19 Rotem Liss 2006-03-26 18:10:33 UTC
Created attachment 1469 [details]
LanguageHe.php Patch v2

I've noticed there is one more option in $wgQuickbarSettingsHe, which was not
translated neither in the original file, nor in my patch (because I haven't
noticed it). Now translated.
Comment 20 Rotem Liss 2006-03-26 18:19:21 UTC
Created attachment 1470 [details]
MessagesHe.php Patch v9

A minor fix in "tog-usenewrc": "JavaScript" instead of לא מתאים לכל
דפדפן (read: not matching for every browser).
Comment 21 Rotem Liss 2006-03-26 18:22:34 UTC
Created attachment 1471 [details]
MessagesHe.php Patch v10

Fix in "tog-numberheadings": better כותרות (the exact "headings") than
ראשי פרקים.
Comment 22 Rotem Liss 2006-03-26 19:09:13 UTC
Created attachment 1472 [details]
LanguageHe.php Patch REL1_5 - work in progress

What I've done until now with the patch for REL1_5.
Comment 23 Rob Church 2006-03-26 21:01:28 UTC
Niklas applied the completed patches to CVS.
Comment 24 Rotem Liss 2006-03-27 12:50:31 UTC
Thank you very much. I will complete the patch for REL1_5 soon, although it's
too late for 1.5.8. However, I don't think I will create a patch for REL1_4.
Comment 25 Rotem Liss 2006-03-27 14:49:53 UTC
Created attachment 1473 [details]
MessagesHe.php New Patch

Messages.php was updated, so I'm updating MessagesHe.php. This patch is much
smaller, I suppose ;-).
Comment 26 Rotem Liss 2006-03-27 14:51:56 UTC
Comment on attachment 1473 [details]
MessagesHe.php New Patch

The diff has worked on the old version. How can I configure it so it will work
on the new version? Should I wait to any synchronization?
Comment 27 Rotem Liss 2006-03-27 15:41:24 UTC
Created attachment 1474 [details]
MessagesHe.php New Patch v2

Succeeded to bypass it by using the parameter "-r1.2" in "cvs diff". Ready for
check in.
Comment 28 Rotem Liss 2006-03-27 15:42:49 UTC
Reopened - please check in Attachment #1474 [details] (MessagesHe.php New Patch v2).
Comment 29 Niklas Laxström 2006-03-27 19:03:32 UTC
In it is.
Comment 30 Rotem Liss 2006-03-28 09:39:32 UTC
Created attachment 1475 [details]
MessagesHe.php Additional fix

Minor fixes:
* Fixing whitespace in "welcomecreation".
* Adding the uploaded images in "sitestatstext".
* Fixing a word from singular (מפעיל מערכת יכולים or sysop can
("can" is plural) edit etc.) to plural (מפעילי המערכת יכולים
or the sysops can edit etc.) in "allmessagestext".
Comment 31 Rotem Liss 2006-03-28 09:40:06 UTC
Reopened, for Attachment #1475 [details] (MessagesHe.php Additional fix).
Comment 32 Rotem Liss 2006-03-28 10:08:35 UTC
Created attachment 1476 [details]
MessagesHe.php Additional fix v2

Also removing blank second "monobook.css" (first defined (with a comment) in
"Stylesheets", below "Tooltip help for some actions, most are in Monobook.js"
and above "Metadata"; now defined (completely blank) in "Monobook.js: tooltips
and access keys for monobook", above "monobook.js" itself).
Comment 33 Rotem Liss 2006-03-28 10:31:35 UTC
Created attachment 1477 [details]
MessagesHe.php Additional fix v3

"External editor support" wasn't translated; now translated.
Comment 34 Rotem Liss 2006-03-28 10:42:26 UTC
Created attachment 1478 [details]
LanguageHe.php Patch REL1_5 (completed)

The patch for REL1_5 is now completed. When you check in it and Attachment
#1477 [details] (MessagesHe.php Additional fix v3), this bug should be Resolved Fixed
forever (of course we will update the Hebrew translation in other bugs, because
I've created a page where we watch Messages.php and Language.php and update
MessagesHe.php and LanguageHe.php).
Comment 35 Rotem Liss 2006-03-28 11:08:27 UTC
Created attachment 1479 [details]
LanguageHe.php Patch REL1_5 (completed) v2

Of course I've copied from my translation to 1.6 and then deleted new messages
and added old messages, but I didn't add "emailforlost", which is empty in 1.6
but full in 1.5. Now added.
Comment 36 Rotem Liss 2006-03-28 11:34:25 UTC
Created attachment 1480 [details]
LanguageHe.php Patch REL1_5 (completed) v3

Minor fix: using HTML tags instead of the corrupted double-enter in
Comment 37 Niklas Laxström 2006-03-28 21:59:52 UTC
Thanks for the patches. "Resolved Fixex forever".

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